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Prof. Dr. Dr. Martina Schäfer and Dr. Benjamin Hennchen present their results on school meals together with the Berlin State Secretary Markus Kamrad (Verbraucherschutz) at the International Green Week in Berlin! 

News from Jan 26, 2023

On January 24th, a public event “Appetit auf Nachhaltigkeit!? was organized by the Vernetzungsstelle Schulverpflegung e.V. at the International Green Week in Berlin. Martina Schäfer and Benjamin Hennchen presented their results from Case Study 5 on the acceptance of school meals in integrative secondary schools in Berlin as well as related health and social cohesion implications. The findings showed that further efforts are needed to offer everyone at school an enjoyable, healthy and sustainable lunch. How this can be achieved was afterwards discussed on the podium that included the Berlin State Secretary Markus Kamrad (Verbraucherschutz) Sabine-Schulz Greve from the Vernetzungsstelle Schulverpflegung e.V. and Anna Müller from the Clay-Schule. In the second half of the event, pupils from an invited school class had the opportunity to taste two vegetarian dishes and to vote for their favorite. 

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