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Short film about the Case Study "Prosuming Initiatives"

Interview with Prof. Dr. Dr. Martina Schäfer and Jochen Fritz (board member of the Regionalwert-AG Berlin-Brandenburg) on the film channel of the Berlin University Alliance "WissenAusBerlin" 

News from Jul 06, 2022

The format "WissenAusBerlin", a film channel of the Berlin University Alliance, reports on the work of Prof. Dr. Dr. Martina Schäfer and Dr. Benjamin Hennchen in one of the case studies. Together with practitioners, a social botton-up innovation is investigated here.

In the video you will get to know Jochen Fritz and the Regionalwert AG. The Citizen shareholder company involves consumers in financing and design of regional and ecological value chains. Citizens actively contribute to the transformation of the food system.

Initial results of the case study show that involvement in Citizen shareholder companies strengthen their attachment to organic agriculture and food and deepens their understanding of the associated challenges in the region. So far, the initiative appeals mainly to well-educated middle-class citizens.

You can find the video on the page of the case study, and also here.

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