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Conceptual Framework

The project develops an analytical framework that links the core dimensions of the project: social cohesion, food systems, and health. By doing so, we aim at making research on sustainability transitions in general and food system transitions in particular more sensitive towards interactions with social and societal issues. From an empirical-analytical perspective we aim at providing a framework that can help to assess the effect of transitions on social cohesion and to determine if and how social cohesion helps to bring about change towards sustainability. From a normative point of view, we will be able to identify possible (undesirable) outcomes of innovation processes and provide insights in how to avoid deteriorating effects on society.

Therefore, we develop a multi-level-perspective which grasps how social cohesion and food- and health-related inclusiveness are linked across structures, groups and individuals and relate these considerations to food system transition dynamics.

Taking on this perspective allows us to identify possible synergies and trade-offs in the nexus between social cohesion, food and health across levels and develop indicators and guidance on how to investigate underlying dynamics.

For further Information, please contact Dr. Christiane Barnickel or Prof. Dr. Peter Feindt.


  • Food Systems
  • Inclusiveness
  • Multi-Level-Perspective
  • Social Cohesion
  • Social Cohesion-Food-Health-Nexus