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Macro Perspective

In 'Inclusive Food System Transitions' we assume that food system transformations result from an interplay of established value chains, new innovations and changes in framework conditions. These framework conditions are the focus of this work package. Long-term, environmental, ecological, and societal trends act as "drivers" of change that can both put pressure on established structures and open up new opportunities for innovation and niches.

For example, climate change is forcing consumption patterns to be rethought, opening up opportunities for alternatives to traditional meat production, such as cultured meat, plant-based meat substitutes, or other dietary practices like vegetarianism. At the same time, of course, there are also framework conditions that inhibit change in food systems and cement the status quo.

We are also investigating how the framework conditions may change in the future. The results will enable us to explore the transformation paths of different food systems and innovations and to discuss associated opportunities and challenges for social cohesion. To achieve this, three major work steps will be carried out:

Current discourses on the future of our agricultural and food systems will be analyzed and the positions of different, societal actors will be identified. This will help to determine which drivers are considered relevant by different groups and which opportunities and challenges for food systems and social cohesion are associated with them.

Health and food trends will be analyzed. Literature review and secondary analysis of databases (e.g. cohort studies) as well as citizen surveys to identify innovation patterns and trends in food systems, with a particular focus on health-related issues are conducted.

Finally, scientists will work together with practitioners to develop scenarios of what the framework conditions of our food systems could look like in 2040.

For further Information please contact Dr. Valentin Fiala or Dr. Klaus Jacob


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